Ready to sell your home?  The two keys to Real Estate sales success are preparing your home for sale and marketing it.  Most of us don’t keep our homes like models, but if your goal is to sell, your home needs to knock buyers off their feet.  A move in ready home sells far more quickly than one with a maintenance punch list.  Cory and Stacy Robinson can help you prepare your home for sale and we’ll provide the marketing your home needs to get under contract.

Your first step is to look at your home as if you were the prospective buyer.  What needs to be repaired, painted, cleaned out, thrown out or improved?  At the very least, your home should be clean, clean, clean and clutter free.  And think about the inspection.  If you have something that an inspector will red flag, fix it before your home goes on the market.  First impressions are vital in Real Estate, so wow your potential buyers with fantastic curb appeal and present your home in tip top shape.  We will help you with this process and, if necessary, can also recommend carpenters, painters and other maintenance vendors to help get your home market ready.

Setting the price is the next step and involves many factors.  We will need to take into account the condition of your home, the state of the current real estate market and the overall economy, including interest rates.  These factors along with a comparative market analysis (a detailed look at the comparable sales) will determine a reasonable selling price for your home.  This is an important decision because a home priced too high is proven to sit longer than a home priced fairly.

Now it’s time to market your home.  Cory and Stacy Robinson will provide you a widespread marketing campaign to reach the highest number of potential buyers.  Most buyers surf the Internet as part of their search for a new home.  The more exposure your home has on the web, the more potential buyers will see it.  With Cory and Stacy Robinson as your agents, your home will be featured on hundreds of different Internet sites.  Some of the more popular websites include:

Cory and Stacy Robinson will also design beautiful color brochures detailing the highlights of your home.  The information on these brochures will not only be available on the web, but also in a flyer box on the for sale sign outside your home.  Our brochures can also include a floor plan.  The floor plan, along with the color pictures, give potential buyers a fantastic idea about your home on the inside.  We will also do an email flyer campaign that will reach thousands of real estate brokers.  We can also do direct mailings to the public.  For example, we could do a mailer to all of the renters in your area if the home you are selling would be perfect for a first time home buyer.  Open houses are another option to attract buyers to your home.

And, of course, your home would be featured on the MLS, the websites real estate brokers use to find homes for their clients.  We subscribe to two MLS sites.  Metrolist, the Denver Metro Area’s multiple listing site,  reaches 19,000 brokers.  And IRES, Northern Colorado’s mutiple listing site, reaches 5,000 brokers.

Once the word is out, we’ll respond to requests for showings of your home.  We will make sure your home is “show ready” each time a broker brings in a potential buyer.  Showings are gold mines and sometimes requests can be spur of the moment.  It is best to be flexible because the more amenable you are about letting people see your home, the sooner you’ll find a buyer.  Showings are your best opportunity to secure a deal.  We will also contact each broker for feedback.  Feedback provides vital information about what others truly think about your home.

Receiving an offer is the next exciting step and one where we can help you most.  Most contracts involve a lot of back and forth.  The first offer is not necessarily the one that sticks and we can help you negotiate a deal both parties agree with.  The offer price is just one factor to consider.  We need to make sure the buyers qualify.  Do they plan to make a down payment?  Who will pay the closing costs?  And do they have another home to sell first?  All of these factors must be considered before a contract is signed.

Now we are under contract and items detailed in that contract must be completed before the transaction can close.  This normally includes securing title insurance, getting your house through an inspection and an appraisal.  Many times, the inspection can lead to repairs.  As your agent, we would serve as your advocate and deal with the buyer’s agent in getting all of items checked on the list.

Closing!  The day you’ve been waiting for.  Congratulations, you’ve sold your home.